We Have a New Focus!|Rebranding of Kendra Annette


Hello my lovelies!

I wanted to take the time to share this message with those of you who have been with me since the beginning about some upcoming changes to this blog!

As you know my original intention was to make this blog a lifestyle blog which focused on the likes of food, travel, money, self-care, etc.

As of late, there have been some changes in my own life that have propelled me to write a tad bit different content.

Rather than write about fabulous restaurants you can eat at or the latest gym craze (don’t we have enough blogs about those anyways?), I have decided that I want to use this blog to help others get become more organized, more productive and more aware of managing their life and finances.

Right now, I am on my very own journey with this topic and I would like to use the research and methods that are helping me to live a better life to subsequently affect change in yours as well.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is my life running like a well-organized machine?  If not, how can I effectively manage my life?
  2. Am I in alignment with my goals and crushing them monthly/weekly?
  3. Am I productive when I come home from work or am I just binge watching the latest Netflix show?

These are the types of problems that I want to help YOU solve. If you are still drawn to my old content, don’t worry I will not delete my old posts.  Instead, I will just keep on posting (and trekking) in the new direction I feel this blog should be headed in.

My new content will focus on the following areas only:


  • How to better manage your day and time
  • How to get sh*t done with a busy schedule
  • Apps that help you be more productive


  • How to manage your money/budget
  • Money saving tips/hacks
  • What millennials should know about money


  • How to effectively meet and set goals
  • Resources for goal-setting
  • Apps that help you set goals and achieve them easier

Life Organization:

  • How to organize your life digitally and on paper


  • Interviews with bloggers and influencers on how they manage their time, maintain balance and set goals!

**Please let me know in the comments if this type of content sounds good to you!  I hope you will stick around for the ride!

❤ K





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Kendra Annette is a lifestyle blogger, Yelp elite, wanderlust and personal development junkie.

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