5 Ways to Be Productive When You Don’t Want to Be

5 Ways to Be Productive

We all have days when we want to do absolutely nothing but binge watch our favorite Netflix shows right?  Well, we are entitled to doing these things sometimes, but it’s also important to be productive and get sh*t done!

As I’m getting older, I struggle with being productive on the days when I’m not literally exhausted and have a great deal of time on my hands.  It’s a struggle at time to motivate myself to get into productive mode however I’ve come across a few ways that help to get me motivated, and hopefully these tips can work for you as well!

Here Are 5 Ways to Be Productive When You Don’t Want To Be:

1.Set aside an hour of no cell phone time

Cell phones are a huge distraction and a common enemy of productivity.  Often, I find myself endlessly scrolling on Instagram wasting time and later feeling guilty about it afterwards. One way I’ve learned to cut out distraction is to set an hour aside of no cell phone or electronic use for an hour.  This could occur at home or in the gym, but make sure to give yourself a whole hour away from your electronics and see the difference it makes in your life.

2.Use the Coach me app to inspire yourself to check in on good tasks

The Coach me app is one of my all-time favorite apps because it allows you to check in for good habits.  In order to make yourself more productive, you can check in on the app for activities such as meditating, reading, going to the gym, writing, saying affirmations and more.  I use it as my accountability partner essentially.  You can track your performance in each category easily by viewing the calendar section of your tasks in order to see how often per week you’ve completed a goal. This app will definitely help keep you productive and motivate you to keep going. They also can send you notifications to let you know to complete certain goals each day!

3. Use Mel Robbin’s 5 Second Rule Method

Last month I watched an awesome video where Mel Robbins described her 5 Second Rule for being productive and basically getting sh*t done.  Remember when you were a kid and you witnessed a rocket ship take off on television?  If you remember closely, you can recall the 5…4…3…2…1 countdown. Mel Robbins then translated this same method to life by using it as a tool to propel herself to get out of bed in the morning when she was depressed and at rock bottom.  This method is great because essentially it gives you a small window of time to get into productivity mode.  Allow yourself time to have a moment and then get started on whatever it is that you have to do.

Check out the Mel Robbin’s video HERE!

4.Make a list of important to-do and use a task manager to get them done!

Sometimes you just have to make a list of all the things you need to get done in order to motivate yourself to keep moving.  I consider myself the queen of to-do lists!  A great help is to pick up a cute notepad from the stationary section of your local department stores and then get listing!  To help yourself even more, use a task manage app on your phone such as Wunderlist to check off the items that you’ve completed.

5. Schedule time for fun and productivity

 Use a planner or a worksheet found online to plan your days! The downside to this is that life does get overwhelming and therefore you need to leave some room for flexibility.  Things change and sometimes you may not be able to get to all the things you need to get to in a day.  However, if you try and schedule in times throughout the day after work for being productive versus having leisure time you will have a better handle on life itself and not feel guilty about being unproductive. 

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