My Review of Martha Stewart’s Marley Spoon Meal Kit

I absolutely love meal kits! I’ve tried everything from Blue Apron to Hello Fresh to my all time fav Ayesha Curry’s Homemade.

Of course, I decided to give Martha Stewart’s subscription meal kit a try after seeing endless online promotion. Martha Stewart is one of the queens of cooking so her box should be good right?

Now I’ll admit, I do not follow Martha Stewart nor have I cooked any of her recipes from her shows, books, etc. Nonetheless, as a recognized household name, I was eager to give her subscription recipes a try.

I used the $30 off coupon to give the first box a try.

The box came with two recipes: Brown Butter Cheese Ravioli with Pine Nuts and Shrimp Cocktail Salad.

Inside the box were two bags which contained everything needed for the recipes. They were carefully labeled and packaged.

I was a bit skeptical of the first dish while cooking it. The recipe seemed a bit too easy to make and I wasn’t too sure how the horseradish dressing would taste on the salad. 

Despite my concerns, this dish turned out excellent! The dish was light and flavorful! I did put a little spin of my own on the dressing and used a bit more olive oil, pepper and salt than required but it turned out fine. The shrimp were delicious as well! This recipe was definitely noteworthy.

Rating: 7/10

The second dish in the box was the brown butter cheese ravioli. Again, this dish seemed rather bougie for my taste and the idea of pine nuts on the ravioli seemed over the top.

This dish took about 35 mins to prepare. The recipe included sage, which I’ve never had and to be honest I was not a fan but decided to give it a try anyways. It turned out to be disgusting but the rest of the dish turned out amazing! I threw out the onions because I am not a fan of onions either. The ravioli was definitely restaurant quality and was absolutely incredible.My absolute favorite part of this recipe were the pine nuts! They added a new flavor and texture to ravioli that I never experienced before.

Rating: 10/10



Both meals were pretty darn easy to make.  Out of most of the subscription boxes I’ve tried, I have to say these two recipes were the easiest by far to make.  Another aspect I liked from this company was the fact that I got to choose my own meals.  This made the process even more personal since the meals were selected by myself! 

Taste:  Both meals tasted great!  I was honestly very nervous when cooking them that they wouldn’t taste as good as they did because the ingredients were so simple.  However, after I ate both dishes, I felt awesome about experimenting with new flavors that I normally wouldn’t have unless I was at a restaurant.  

Portions:  You’re given just enough portion for one consumption.  This makes the box feel a bit overpriced at $48 per week since the meals are a bit too small. Yet, with the small portions they did fill me up.

Overall, I did feel Martha’s meal kit is a little bougie for my taste (simple recipes done a little more extravagantly), however the dishes tasted delicious, which makes me a fan!  

Overall Rating: 8.5/10


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