3 Self-Care Tools That Changed My Life

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Self-care is extremely important! Not only is it necessary to nourish our minds, bodies and souls, but it also is necessary for creating balance in our lives.  Self-care is something that I got into a bit more heavily about a year or so ago.  In the past, I tended to neglect myself because I simply had too much going on.  However, with my latest practice in mindfulness, I grew more fondly of developing a self-care routine that works for me.  Through dedicated research and of course my obsession with Pinterest, I recently found some great self-care tools that have transformed my life in abundantly positive ways.  

Here are 3 self-care tools that changed my life:

1.Tongue Scraper


I found out about tongue scrapers through an Ayurvedic post on Pinterest.  To be honest, I am really unsure of how I survived this long without one.  Tongue scrapers remove the nasty built up of bacteria on your tongue that remains from food.  I recently purchased mines from iHerb, which is my favorite online health food store. You can view the one I purchased HERE.  In a month’s time I’ve seen the gunk on my tongue go from thick to barely there.  The great thing about tongue scrapers is that they are really inexpensive as well!

2. Witch Hazel Facial Toner


In the past I had never used facial toner.  When my face broke out from hormonal acne, I decided to try and find the best products on the market to combat my bad skin.  Apparently, this product has been all the rage for quite a while.  This toner is amazing!  You can see the one I purchased HERE.  As a result of using this toner for a month my skin has been clearer, acne reduced and my skin looks brighter and cleaner.  

3. Aroma Diffuser


Aroma diffusers are great to not only purify the air but to also relax you.  Since using my diffuser I have literally turned my room into a spa (in my mind!).  There’s nothing like coming home to a cool mist of scented essential oils.  There are tons of oils you can use in diffusers.  My favorite oil so far has been lavender.  You can see the diffuser I purchased HERE.


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