5 Reasons to Start Journaling Right Now| 10 Journal Writing Prompts

5 Reasons to Start Journaling

Are you stuck in a rut? Dealing with difficulties in life? Why not write it down?  The act of journaling has proven health benefits for your mind and soul.  Recently, I have begun journaling again myself.  It has been a therapeutic process that has truly changed the way I spend my days now.  Years ago I would write my thoughts in a diary, but I would only write back then when i felt something was wrong.  Now, in my twenties I write in order to see my growth and discover myself as I partake in my own self-discovery journey.  The act of journaling is powerful and here are 5 reasons why you should begin journaling along with some creative writing prompts to get you started on your journey.

1. It will help clear your mind– Journaling has proven health effects.  It allows you to clear thoughts out of your head and spill them onto paper.  In the past I used to stay up late at night with racing thoughts in my mind about my anxieties, fears, etc. Now if I have a thought that I want to get out of my head, I simple pull out my pen and notebook and begin writing to clear my mind of anything that troubles me.

2. You will see your growth– Time flies when you’re having fun and also when you’re simply just living life.  Starting a journal helps you not only practice the art of mindfulness and slowing down your life but also managing to look back on capsule memories of time periods you were in as you aged.

3. It will help you define your goals– Try keeping several journals.  One can be for day to day thoughts and another can be for goals.  Bullet journaling has grown quite popular these days and Pinterest has great resources for starting this kind of journal.

4. Your anxiety will lessen– With so much going on these days, writing in a journal to help ease your anxiety and fears will be a therapeutic process for you.  My own personal journey with anxiety lessened a great deal when I started writing in a journal.  Journaling helped me see what was making me anxious and what I needed to make those anxieties go away.

5. You will discover yourself– If you’re a millennial stuck in a job you hate or don’t know which direction to turn to next in life journaling can definitely help you through this! Journaling will help you uncover what issues you’re having, where you see yourself and what power you harness inside of yourself (if you do it right).

Start with some of the prompts I have listed below to get started on your journaling journey!


10 Journal Writing Prompts to Get You Started:
  1. How Do I Feel at the Moment?
  2. What is Troubling Me?
  3. What Makes me Happy?
  4. If I had more Time What would I do More of?
  5. Where do I want to travel in the next Year?
  6. What is Something I Would Love to Learn?
  7. Where Would I live in my Ideal Life?
  8. What is Something I’ve always wanted to do but been too afraid to do?
  9. Who am I?
  10. What means the world to me and why?



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