I Tried Surfset Fitness and Here’s What I Thought

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If you haven’t heard of the Surfset Fitness craze it’s time to start waking up to new fitness routine possibilities!

A friend suggested that I give it a try with her.  What did I have to lose on a Saturday morning?  In reality, I had been excited about Surfset Fitness for quite some time.  Ever since I had heard about Surfset on Instagram, I knew it was something I had to give a go!

Who wouldn’t love to learn how to surf, but nonetheless safely indoors?  No water, no sand, just a board, some workout gear and a sea of possibilities!

So I gave it a try and here’s what I thought….

What is Surfset Fitness?

Surfset originally began as a concept on the popular show Shark Tank and eventually took off as a new method of fitness in the fitness world.  According to their website, “Surfset is all about getting away from the traditional static workout and challenging your body in new ways. Every exercise on the board is designed to engage your core & stabilize muscles and shock the system to create real change inside & out.”


What Type of Class Did I Take?

I took the 30 minute intro to Surfset class on a Saturday morning.  This class encompassed the basics of Surfset including balance and core strength.

What Materials Do You Need?

All I needed was a bottle of water!  The board was supplied by the facility where I took the class.  Keep in mind you will need to be on the board barefoot for the best outcome and stability.

Was The Class Difficult?

On a scale of 1 to 10 the beginner class was definitely a 3 level class!  You need to for sure have leg strength and core strength (my weakest area).  I emphasize leg strength more though because you need to be able to balance your legs on the board and often times one leg as a time is all that is necessary.

What Type of Workouts Can You Do On The Board?

We did a series of lunges, squats, kicks, ab work and some general surfing techniques that encompassed rowing with arms.  It definitely will kick your butt and get you in shape.  I left feeling very sore the next day!

Would I Take The Class Again?

Absolutely!  The class was fun and the instructor was also fabulous!  I enjoyed this workout because it was challenging but unique.  The idea of working out on a surfboard indoors was appealing because it’s not something I do everyday and kept me more interested than just a regular gym visit.  I would definitely go back I give the class a 10/10.


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