10 Life Hacks That Save You Money

10 Life Hacks That

We’re always on the hunt for ways to save a buck right?  As a millennial, I know this first hand.  From grocery shopping to dining out there are plenty of ways that the modern person can save cash!  Here are a few ways you can keep a few extra bucks in your pocket.  

1. Download the Retail Me Not App

Retail Me Not is a coupon app that saves you money at select retailers and food locations.  I use this app all the time when I purchase goods as JCPenney, Kohl’s, Footlocker, PapaJohn’s and Michael’s stores.  The app is free to download and is available in the iTunes app store.  If you’re looking to EARN money on purchases I suggest using another free app called Ebates where you receive cash back on purchases.  You can start earning free cash back by clicking here.  

2. Shop at Discount Grocery Stores Like Aldi

Aldi which is owned by Trader Joe’s is a discount grocery store which has an array of great products.  And although their prices have slightly gone up since their opening in recent years, they are still hugely cheaper than stores like Stop and Shop and King Kullen.  I now solely shop at this store for all my grocery store needs.  They are a great resource for saving money and the stores have extremely cheap produce as well.

3. Download Hotels Tonight App for the Cheapest Hotel Rates

This app will seriously save you some major bucks when it comes to booking hotels!  Hotels that cannot sell out all their rooms then list their available rooms on this app for an extremely discounted rates.  They offer everything from luxe hotels to basic ones.  You will seriously be glad you downloaded this app, I’ve saved a ton by using this app!  Use my promo code for $25 off your first booking:  KEHUGHES43

4. Drink Water in Restaurants

Between my boyfriend and I, we save about a good $6 on each meal simply by ordering water when we eat out.  Not only is water much healthier for you, it is also is free! Forget those nasty sodas and overpriced alcoholic beverages, go ahead and get your water on!


5. Eat Out Less

Speaking of eating out, you can simply save by eating out less.  A big chunk of our money goes to food!  Imagine how much less you can save by avoiding stopping for that McDonald’s snack wrap or that Burger King Whopper.  

6. Buy Less Meat

Meat is seriously expensive and truthfully not all that good for us.  Save money by buying less meat and opting for meatless days throughout the week. 

7. Rent Books From Your Library

Utilize your library’s e-book option and download books for free.  If you’re old school and love a good paperback, hit up your local library to find out what new titles they offer.  Again, all free!

8.  Fill Up Your Gas Tank at Half a Tank

Instead of waiting till your tank reaches empty, fill up your tank when it gets halfway to empty.  This will cause you to spend less in the long run to fill up your tank!

9. Have No Spend Weekends

Designate certain weekends to a no spend weekend, especially if you have a family.  Opt for free options such as reading, listening to podcasts, cooking, watching movies, going to the park, exercising, crafts, DIYs and attending free events.


10. Stock Up on Necessities While They’re on Sale

If you see soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc. on sale, stock up on it in order to save yourself some money in the long run.  Last week I saw a 12 pack of my favorite soap on sale for $3!  This certainly is a great way to cut costs and fill your pantry as well.

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