How to Get Over Your Fear of Blogging


“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear”-Mark Twain

Let’s be honest, starting a blog is exciting but it can often be daunting at the same time.  Blogging requires a lot of patience, time, dedication, research and revision.  However, it’s not to say that it can’t be done.

Many of us fear getting started with blogging for several reasons.  We just may not feel good enough as a new blogger in comparison to the veterans or we feel that we don’t have much to add to the conversation our chosen niches. Furthermore, we may additionally impose our self-limiting beliefs on ourselves which then prevents us from starting!


How to Get Over Your Fear of

Perhaps, you don’t feel your writing is strong enough or you don’t feel you’ll ever amass the same readership that your favorite blogs do.  You may feel too concerned with numbers and not enough with how your content is written.

I want to let you know, that I too, am working to overcome some of these self-limiting beliefs myself.  For a long time I feared even starting a blog and putting myself out there.  As of late, my motivation to blog has increased tremendously.  While I continue to have a passion for blogging, there were times when I subconsciously let my fears keep me from being consistent with my posts and having a true direction.

Here are some ways you can overcome your fear of blogging:

1. Know That Everyone Has To Start Somewhere

This is extremely important to remember! The mega huge bloggers you follow today all had humble beginnings.  If you look at their early content, their content  most likely isn’t as good as what they put out today.  These bloggers all had to start at the bottom like you did.  Today it seems intimidating due to the fact that they just amassed a huge following, but it didn’t happen overnight!

Progressively, as with anything you do in life, if you keep at something your skills will increase more and more.  Just like these bloggers, you too can climb the ranks through hard work and persistence!

You just have to keep in mind that everyone has to start somewhere until they work their way to the top.

2. Let Go of Perfectionism

Often times we are our own biggest critics.  Get the idea out of your head that as a blogger you have to be perfect!  Yes, you will have to produce content that people will want to read and you will have to work hard on bringing these thoughts and ideas to life.

However, that does not mean that you need to beat yourself over the head when you aren’t living up to the standard of what you think blogging is!

Especially as a new blogger, you are still testing the waters to see where your strengths lie.

3. Be Realistic

Be realistic when it comes to your blog.  Meaning do not assume that the first post you write will catapult you into instant success or that you will get 1,000 readers overnight (unless your post goes super viral).

As I said previously, one way to get over your fears is to know that the greats in blogging took time to build their following.

If you fear after a few posts you’re not garnering an audience, you probably won’t because you’re not being realistic about the time it takes to build one!

4. Say Screw It To What Other People Think!

You must remember WHY you started blogging and who you are blogging for. If this is truly a passion of yours you cannot let the opinions of others stop you from getting started.  This means commenters, fellow bloggers and friends or family.

For example, I never share with people that I want to become a full-time blogger or a blogging coach.  Do you know why?  Simply because I know the negative repercussions people will throw back at me.

What do I do instead?  I keep writing in hopes to get better at what it is that I aspire to do!  You have to do the same if you’re fearful of getting started in blogging.  You may also fear what people will have to say about your posts and content.  Again, you have to say screw it and keep writing because YOU want to!

5. Just Start!

Life is seriously way too short to sit around and keep thinking about starting something but never doing it.  At some point you will need to cast your fear aside and just go for it sister!

You have the ideas, the resources and the time to get it all in line! So what is stopping you?  That little thing called fear?  Throw it out the window!

Comment below if you ever feared starting your blog or have fears about starting one now.  Let’s chat!


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Kendra Annette is a lifestyle blogger, Yelp elite, wanderlust and personal development junkie.

4 thoughts on “How to Get Over Your Fear of Blogging

  1. Yes I have a fear of starting my own blog, I think because of my age, race I feel people would not really be interested. I am looking at some youtube videos to see if there are any women my age and color blogging and what they are sharing with the world. I am a 52 year black female, divorced with two grown children, and 5 beautiful grandkids. Most days I feel a little depressed about my life yet I still have the courage to get up and make things work in my life to the best of my abilities.


    1. Hi Rosalind! Thank you for reading. I think it’s definitely normal and understandable to feel this way but just remember that people of all ages use the internet and you may just connect with an audience unexpectedly searching for your content. Give it a go and see what happens! Good luck on your journey.


    1. Thank you so much for reading! I hope to keep sharing more helpful tips with you all. Each day you just have to do it and feel things out! We’ll get to where we need to be soon enough.


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