6 Tips for Choosing The Best Hotel Room

6 Tips for Choosing the Best (2)

People make a lot of mistakes when booking hotel rooms.  It can be difficult to decipher what you are really getting for your money when booking solely on the hotel’s website.  I would consider myself a pro when it comes to booking hotel rooms at this point.

The reason I’ve had so few duds when it comes to booking hotel rooms is simply because I do the research necessary to find the best and most valuable room! With a ton of resources out there, it should be a no brainer on finding the best hotel room these days.

You just have to get out there and get the research done to find out what is what!  Before you press book, I urge you to find “real” images of your hotel room and find out if that room you’re looking forward to staying in is worth it overall.

Here are the 6 best resources to use when choosing the right hotel for your vacation or staycation:


Oyster.com is the hotel tell all website that gives you the real deal about hotels around the world.  They do in depth reviews and provide specific details of the pros and cons of each hotel.  What I especially love about Oyster is that they provide pictures and reviews of the various room types in different hotels/resorts as well.

2. Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is a review website where users can share their experiences at different hotels.  I use this site to view photos from hotels I’m interested in staying at.  The trick is to click on the photos that say “traveler photos” in order to see what real people post and not the hotel’s stock photos.

3. Hotels.com

Hotels.com is my go to site for booking hotels.  They partner with just about any hotel around the world and have great rates.  I trully cannot say enough wonderful things about hotels.com!  What I especially love about them is that they give you the entire breakdown of your perspective hotel including fees, authorization fees, parking, breakfast options and more!

If you use the mobile app, they often have discounts of 5% off select hotels with a coupon promotion.

4. Yelp

I loooove Yelp!  In addition to being a Yelp elite, I also browse Yelp to find out about the best places to eat and stay.  Not all hotels have been reviewed on Yelp however.  Yelp can help you see what other guests have to say about hotels they’ve stayed at, similar to Trip Advisor.  They also allow you to upload real photos of what the rooms look like.


5. Google Images

When I am looking for a particular hotel sometimes I will Google to see what more I can find.  Google images is great because it often will lead back to sites like Trip Advisor or Yelp or even someone else’s blog post.  Google also has a small review section where you can find reviews on the particular hotel you’re looking for.

6. Other Blogs

Again, with quick Google search, you will sometimes stumble upon someone else’s blog review of a particular hotel.  Pay attention to how these bloggers describe the hotel and study their pictures (if included).  This is a great way to see what you’ll be getting for your money and if the hotel stay is worth it!


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