The Boro Hotel Review|New York City

Last week I had the privilege of staying at The Boro Hotel in New York City in the King Studio room.  This instagram worthy hotel is located in Long Island City and boasts rooms with amazing views of Manhattan.  As a boutique hotel lover, I had been eyeing this particular room for quite some time.  The room’s main draw is their incredible 80 gallon tub that sits alone near a picturesque window.  

I promptly checked in for my staycation at 3:30pm.  To my surprise their check in desk was more of a table than a standing desk, however nonethless the process was smooth.  Once I received my key I made my way up to the 9th floor and into my room (906 to be exact).

Immediately, I was taken by the size of the room.  This 405 square foot room was all mines! It honestly felt like an entire New York City apartment.  I had so much space to walk around that I felt tiny in comparison to the large amount of space I had to wander around.   

This was the incredible view I had of Long Island City with a door leading to the balcony!

The 80 gallon tub was such a treat to bathe in!


The Good:

  • Quiet hotel
  • Beautiful rooms with great views 
  • Minimalist decor
  • Easy check in and check out
  • The tub!
  • Soft wooden floors

The Bad: 

  • Wifi connection was extremely poor
  • Staff was just okay, nothing too over the top
  • Boring neighborhood, nowhere surrounding the hotel to go to really
  • Cold rooms due to the windows (in winter of course)
  • No washcloths in the bathroom
  • Bed was slightly too firm for my taste
  • Dim lighting
  • No free breakfast 

Overall, I was slightly disappointed in my stay at The Boro Hotel.  I am glad however that I finally was able to stay here and experience the amazing rooms they have at this property.  It is worth coming here in the summer to visit as opposed to winter due to the frigid temps in my room.  If you would like to learn more about The Boro Hotelclick here.  

Disclaimer:  This review is NOT sponsored.  I paid for my hotel stay with my own personal funds.  


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