Why You Fail to Keep Your New Years Resolutions and What to do about it

Why You Fail to keep your new year's resolutions

New Year, New You right?  It’s the phrase everyone has been saying for years. We hear it all over social media and our everyone you know has some sort of goal in mind for the new year.  There is truly something about New Year’s that gets everyone all riled up to make a change.  Honestly we can’t fault people for wanting to be better because everyone should strive to be a better version of themselves everyday in this lifetime.

After all we’ve been there right?  Before the stroke of midnight we start reflecting on our current life status and set down to get busy brainstorming our goals for the new year.  Certainly, once January 1st hits we are pumped to achieve our resolutions until suddenly we go right back to our old selves.

Do you ever wonder why this happens?  Why do we fall into our old habits? 

As humans we are creatures of habit. Habits are easy to catch but difficult to break. We may want certain things out of life but if we don’t learn to break our bad habits we will always end up breaking our new year’s resolutions year after year.

Here are some tips you can use to help overcome this hurdle and stop failing at keeping your new year’s resolutions:

Display Your Goals!

Put Your Goals Right In Front of You:  By this I mean write out your goals and put them up on a wall in front of you somewhere you can see them everyday when you wake up.  The reason I stopped buying journals and goal planners a while ago is because I would write down my goals and then close them up in the book and never look at them ever again.  If you truly want to find a way to achieve your goals for the new year plan on writing them out and putting them directly in your view.  It will motivate you to do your best every day to achieve them.  Use tools like Pinterest to find print out goal setting sheets for the new year.

Learn How to Change Your Habits

Take courses on Udemy about time management or whatever else you’d love to study.  Personally, I love Udemy because you can study courses on just about anything from excellent lecturers with superb content.

Here are some great courses that may help you: 

Time management: https://www.udemy.com/effective-time-management/

Productivity: https://www.udemy.com/become-a-speeddemon-hack-automation-focus-efficiency-to-have-more-time/

Develop Healthy Habits: https://www.udemy.com/the-habit-mastery-formula-develop-powerful-habits/

Realize That Real Change Takes Time

Do not beat yourself up come January and you haven’t lost the weight you wanted or went to the gym 5 times a week four weeks in a row consecutively.  Give yourself time to make the right changes in your life.  Keep track of what you do and don’t feel that you have to be a perfectionist right away.  It takes time to built great habits my friends!

❤ K


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