10 Effective Self-Care Sunday Ideas for Mind Body and Soul



What are Sundays for? Self-care of course! One of the best ways to show love to yourself is to of course give yourself a bit more TLC. We have all heard of the lazy Sunday, where most of the day you sit in and do nothing.  Though I dare you to question that and use your time to give love to yourself on Sundays.  My hope for you is that you will use your Sundays to take care of yourself both mentally and physically because self-care at its core is about giving love, care, and attention to yourself.  Nowadays most people associate self-care with weekly massages, however that is not the only thing we can do to give love to our bodies, mind, and soul.

Here are 10 self-care techniques you can use today to improve your life…

1.Take a looooooong & hot shower

Get up first thing on Sunday and cleanse your body with the longest shower you can.  After all it is your day off, make the most of it.  Use the best smelling soap you’ve got and say suds up!

2.  Cleanse your face with a Clarisonic Facial Brush

I received one of these for Christmas a few years back.  I try and make it a habit each Sunday to cleanse my face with this awesome product.  It feels like the spa is right in my home each time I use it.


3.  Read your favorite book

Dust off that old mystery novel, biography, or fiction book you’ve been wanting to finish forever and get to it!

4. Cook alone or with your partner at home

Cooking a healthy meal is definitely considered self-care because you are taking the time to put love into your food first and foremost.  There are so many awesome ways to cook at home including using meal subscription kits like Blue Apron, Peach Dish or Hello Fresh.  Or simply visit the grocery store and create your own fabulous dish!

5.Paint your nails

Something I don’t do too often is paint my nails, but when I do, it tends to make me feel really good because I’m taking the time to make myself look good and show the outside world how I feel as well.

6.Write a blog post

Some of you out there have blogs of your own and love writing just as much as the next person.  Take some time during your day to write a blog post about things you are passionate about.  This is also a great way of feeling productive on a lazy Sunday.


7.Make yourself tea and sip slowly

Make yourself a delicious cup of green or black tea and sip slowly.  Enjoy the moment, cherish peace and solitude while you sip.

8. Draw or write poetry

If you have a special talent, carve out the time to focus on it!

9.Do Yoga

Yoga has changed my life in so many ways and I am totally in love with it!  As soon as I roll out my mat I am instantly at peace, not even kidding!  Give Yoga a try, it is seriously one of the best self-care techniques you can ever use on your body and anyone can do it.



10.  Go for a walk

Get out in nature and take in all that this beautiful land has to offer!

Until next time….




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Kendra Annette is a lifestyle blogger, Yelp elite, wanderlust and personal development junkie.

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