Are You Afraid to Meditate? 3 Tips for Overcoming Your Fear


For a long time I was afraid to meditate.  Many people associate meditating with crazy religious beliefs, a cult-like existence or just something weird hippy people do.  If you take the time to do your research however, you will come to realize that meditation is one of the greatest things that people can do in their spare time.  Just as with yoga, there are significant proven health benefits to meditation.

My own personal experience with meditation is one that requires a bit more practice, but I am patiently working my way towards it.   As I said for the longest time I had a huge fear about meditating.  Where did this fear stem from?  In my opinion, it stemmed from several factors including judgement and fear of doing it wrong.  The common denominator here though is FEAR.  One thing we don’t think about as humans is that we are so trained to do what everyone else does.  When someone does something out of the ordinary in the eyes of others, it is looked down upon even if it is the healthiest thing you can do for yourself.

For example, most people are meat eaters. Therefore, if you decide one day that you want to become a vegan, you are often looked down upon by meat-eaters as odd, weird, hippie, new-age, or freaky.  Meditation is the same thing.  It is only something a few select people do.  Most people are too busy chasing success to worry about their own personal well being.  My fear came from others viewing me in a negative light.   The more and more I try and meditate, however, it helps me to realize that the fear I was having was coming from my fear of judgement of others.

You should know that meditation is not religious, it is not cult like and it is not a weird practice.  It is a practice that allows you to reclaim time in your day to reshape your mind and soul.

Here are three ways to get over your fear of meditation:

  1.  Choose a safe place to meditate: By safe I mean a place where you feel relaxed and in peace.  A place with no interruptions and all the privacy to be able to get in your zone!
  2. Try short sessions first:  With any new practice dive in slowly.  Take your time to develop the art of meditation by first practicing during short sessions say for about 10 minutes.  Then gradually work your way up to 20-30 minute sessions.
  3. Read over the health benefits first:  If you want to buy a new car you look over the specs first right?  Below are some of the amazing health benefits of meditation. Use these to inspire you to want to get into meditation in the first place.  Then write down how you feel after your first few sessions of meditating.


The best meditation app I recommend is called Insight Timer.  They have meditations for just about every single category that you can think of. Everything from self love, to anxiety relief, stress relief, chakras and more!

Do you meditate or are you still weary of the practice? Let me know below!

❤ K



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