5 Things to Do During Your Personal Development Journey

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Personal development is a time for reflection and developing your true self.  Rather sometimes it’s about creating yourself as well.  For anyone out there on a personal development journey, like myself, the starting point at times can be a bit foggy.  If you are unsure about how to go on developing yourself as a person read on!

Things You Should Do During Your Personal Development Journey:

  1. Read– During this time of self-discovery and self-actualization you should take the time to feed your brain the information it needs to transform.  On a daily basis, as humans we consume so much information.  From advertisements to social media posts, waves of information are constantly bombarding our psyche and therefore influencing how we live our day to day lives.  Therefore, during your personal development journey you should be taking the time to read books that feed your mind with information on how to develop as a person.  Two I recommend so far are The Mastery of Love and The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.  Also check out audible if you have difficulty finding time to read physical books.
  2. Write– Writing in your journal is extremely helpful during this time.  Writing helps you clear your mind and articulate your inside feelings on paper.  It also helps you gain clarity on your situation.  Trust me there are tons of writing prompts on Pinterest that can get you started during your journey if you are unsure of what to write about.
  3. Listen to Inspiring Podcasts/YouTube Content– Watch videos that help you actualize your life.  Personally, I’m currently obsessed with Leo from Selfactualized.org.  His channel is very deep and really makes you ponder life. Consuming inspirational material is a great step to transforming your mind because we are what we consume both physically and mentally.
  4. Practice Yoga or Meditation- Yoga has been a healer for me.  There are so many healthy benefits to doing yoga and trust me you don’t have to be a pro to start.  I do yoga at home on the weekends.  Not only does it calm me but it is also wonderful for my body.  I absolutely love it!  Don’t be afraid of trying yoga either if you are a plus-size gal/boy.  Check out the fabulous Jessamyn Stanley.
  5. Take a Course on Udemy– Udemy is a website where you can take courses on just about anything.  You can use Udemy to learn about something you’ve always wanted to.  Most courses run for just under $15.  When was the last time you actually took the time to learn away from a traditional classroom setting?  Thanks to the power of the internet we can learn from just about anywhere today.  As a lifelong learner, I am constantly trying to stay ahead of the curve by learning with courses on Udemy.  So far I’ve taken a course on nutrition as well as life coaching which is my ultimate goal in the future.

I hope this list inspires many of you out there who are unsure of what to do during your personal deveopment journey.

❤ K


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Kendra Annette is a blogger, adventurer, wanderlust, introvert, chronic Yelper and lover of life.

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