How to Plan for Productivity with Lily Pulitzer and Kate Spade Products from LifeGuard Press


One of the best ways we can be productive in life is simply by planning on it. The lovely team over at Lifeguard Press were kind enough to send over some products for review! Lifeguard Press specializes in selling chic and fun lifestyle products from various well-known name brands such as, Lily Pulitzer, Kate Spade, and Vera Bradley.

So what does it mean to be productive and how can you plan for it? Productivity is defined as the effectiveness of productive effort.  Simply put it means getting stuff done! In the past, I have struggled with being productive with my days.  I never really thought about the free time I had and how I would use it.  Now I carefully indulge in daily thought as to what it is I want to get out of my days.  You can plan for productivity by using an app or the old fashioned way; pen and paper. I like to use the latter because I love writing and putting pen to paper. It also doesn’t hurt that I am a planner and notebook addict!

As a lifelong learner, I wanted to fit more learning into my days.  I decided to purchase a Udemy course about nutrition, since I have always wanted to further learn more about the inner workings of food and how they affect the body.



I used this absolutely stunning Kate Spade New York Dipped Initial Notebook to take notes during my Udemy course.  Side note, I love that it has a K on it, just for me! This notebook has thick and durable paper. It was simply perfect for taking notes!




During my note taking process I also used this awesome Kate Spade multi-gel click pen. Everything about Kate Spade products screams class and elegance.  This pen contains several different colors of ink and writes beautifully. I adore the polka dot touch!



Using the Lily Pulitzer 2017/2018 planner I planned my productivity calendar all the way up until August 2017 thus far.  Every weekend, I plan for yoga.  Every Monday I plan for motivational Mondays which means I listen to an inspirational podcast to get my week going on the right note. And two days a week I watch content from Udemy to stimulate my mind.  In August I plan to take a course on blogging! Knowledge is power!


This planner is so darn cute and the artwork is stunning!

Plan to make your days more productive. It can be as simple as using a planner or a notebook to keep track of what you want to accomplish in your month or day.

All of these beautiful items are available from LifeGuardPress. Click here to view more of what Lifeguard Press has to offer!

Disclaimer: These products were received free in exchange for a review.  However, all opinions are my honest ones.



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