How to Use the Get To Work Book to Plan Your Goals

How to Plan your goals using the



Goal setting is super important in life.  It’s easy to say we’ll do one thing but without putting some action into place it just becomes a wish.  As I’ve been working toward my own personal development journey, I discovered a wonderful new tool to help you also set your goals, The Get to Work Book planner!

What is the Get to Work Book? The Get to Work Book is a daily planner + goal setting workbook designed to help you make progress on your big goals by taking things one day at a time. As their website state, “While (sadly) it can’t do your work for you, every inch of it was thoughtfully designed to help you get to work.”

Here are the details:

  • 246 pages
  • book pages are 7×9 inches
  • book dimensions are 8.25x9x1 inches
  • book weighs 1.87lbs/848g
  • cover and paper stock are recycled from 100% post consumer waste
  • inside pages are offset printed
  • monthly tabs are laminated
  • designed, printed and made in the USA


It features an awesome layout that you can use to plan your year at a glance. I always love these kinds of pages in planners because rarely are they ever included. It is so much better to write down your yearly goals versus just peering at dates ahead.


For the past week since I’ve received the planner, I decided to start the month of June to focus on health and fitness as well as my new low carb lifestyle. I’m still in the process of playing around with my workouts so I just penciled in a few things I knew I wanted to start doing for sure.


One of my favorite things about this planner are the thick pages.  They are of extreme high quality and I love the feel. The pens I used also did not bleed through the pages. Score! I also love the inspirational messages before each month. They really keep you motivated!



I used the planning pages to track my low carb meals for this week.



My overall feelings: This has got to be one of the best planners I have used for planning and productivity. It just feels right to use! I love the thickness of it and the minimalistic yet effective layout.  I can really see a business owner, blog writer, or just the average person in general who wants to have more control over their life using this planner.

Since I’ve started using it just for this one week, I feel myself drawn more and more to planning my goals with it.  Again the paper quality is superb and the book itself is sturdy, minimalistic and well thought out.  In my opinion, this is THE planner to help you do exactly what it states, get the work done!

Planner retails for $55.  Click here to check out this planner as well as their other line of products.

Disclaimer:  This product was received free for review purposes.  All opinions are my honest ones.









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