Why You Need to Take a Social Media Break Often as a Millennial


We live in a world where we are so inundated with texts, messages, chirps, alerts and pings that we forget what life was like before we became to attached.  All of this equates to noise both literally and figuratively.  As much as we don’t like to admit it, a lot of what is on social media just that, noise.  As a millennial, technology was something that we were raised with and therefore the progression from the AOL era to the Instagram and Snapchat age was a natural progression.

Most people see social media through rose colored lenses.  However, social media has a downside.  Often times social media can have a negative impact on our mental health and sometimes our physical health as well (i.e not moving enough).  I recently went on a social media break for 30 days.  Most millennials probably dread the notion of being away from their phones for more than a few minutes, but actually unplugging can have a tremendous impact on your life.

I decided to step away from Snapchat and Instagram for the duration of the 30 days. There were several reasons why I decided to step away from social media in the first place.  One being, I was tired of wasting time. Two, I was tired of comparing my life to others.  When I came home from work or had a spare moment, I would use my time to browse Instagram and Snapchat.  Eventually, I found myself feeling lazier, more unproductive and anxious about my life.

Why was I anxious?  I was too into following what others were doing instead of worrying about my own life.  Another reason I decided to step away is because I wanted to become more of a creator than a consumer.  Think about how you spend your time online.  Are you a creator, meaning do you create content? Or do you consume other people’s content?  There is nothing wrong with consuming the great work of others but when you spend your time more focused on the fun other people are having, you begin to lose touch with own reality.

So why do you need to take a social media break?

During my 30 day break from social media I became a lot more productive.  I guarantee that if you take the time to delete the apps you spend the most time on, you will see a great deal of productivity improved in your life.

Not only will you see productivity improve, but you will also have more time to focus on yourself and on what you want.  You will have more time to achieve your goals and you won’t be worried about what others are doing and instead you will be creating a life of your own.

Social media is powerful.  Nowadays so many people are portraying a false image on the internet.  People are posting their happy moments while failing to portray when they are sad or have a bad day.  It is rare these days for people to expose their vulnerabilities and anxieties.

How to get started with your social media break:

  1. PLAN PLAN PLAN– Get started with your social media break by planning a start and end date.
  2. Don’t Let Others Know You are Taking One– Simply just be M.I.A. Trust me the more people you tell you’re taking a break from social media, the more judgements will come your way from other people.
  3. Make a List of Things you Want to do with Your Free Time– Set goals, start a new hobby,  learn a language, whatever you have always wanted to do with free time.
  4. Like Nike, just do it!

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Kendra Annette is a blogger, adventurer, wanderlust, introvert, chronic Yelper and lover of life.

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