3 Great Ways to Start Off the New Year Right


When the clock strikes twelve midnight on January 1st, everyone is in their best mindset.  Everyone is either wishing for something great to happen in the new year or grabbing a pen and paper to write down their new year’s resolutions.  With the month of January not yet over, you may be a late bird instead of an early bird like me when it comes to figuring out how to make this the best year possible.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  •  Buy a New Planner–  A planner is a great way to keep track of your goals, ideas, and thoughts.  I’m old fashioned in the sense that I still love pen and paper.  There’s still something magical to me about whipping out my planner and using my favorite pen to jot down my thoughts.  If you’re more of a digital diva then that’s fine too, just make sure to find one that fits you best.  Every year I buy a special type of planner called the Well-Being diary from my favorite online stationary company, Kikki-k.  I use this planner each year to keep track of my well-being, fitness, nutrition and health goals.  It has great monthly tips to keep you on track and also help you with things like digital detox (something I plan on trying in the near future!).
  • Print Goal Setting Sheets-There are tons of goal setting sheets created by other bloggers in the blogosphere. Simply log into Pinterest and search “printable goal setting sheet.” Print one of these babies and hang them up in your room or office to remind yourself everyday of what you want to accomplish.  This is the one I used for my 2017 goals! 
  • Find Books that Inspire You– To me, books are life.  I’m focusing much more this year on meditation and self-help/self-enlightening books.  My suggestion to you is find books that inspire you to make a change within yourself.  May I suggest Deepak Chopra?

How are you making this the best year possible?  Leave your suggestions down below.

❤ K



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Kendra Annette is a blogger, adventurer, wanderlust, introvert, chronic Yelper and lover of life.

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